Saturday, March 07, 2009

Plot Twists

These days, I consistently feel a little shock of panic when I see the date. Time is always moving forward a little too fast.  I think I would be less fearful if I had better time management skills.

Today, all I really did was read Watchmen.  Cody loaned me his copy late last night, and I got a few pages in before a late bedtime.  Got up nice and late, and my mid-afternoon, I was well over halfway through.  Running out of a few household essentials - food among them - necessitated a trip to the store, which required me to change out of my PJs.

With my nightly Bible reading a blog post still to do, I was closing in on the ending when the phone rang.  Turns out the person who was going to teach Sunday School tomorrow is sick, and in the end, it fell to me to prepare something for tomorrow morning.  With a small number of teachers available and the number of things we have going on - Sunday School, children's ministry, and a mission committee meeting - situations like this will arise very occasionally.

Michael tells us to keep something ready to teach, just in case.  "Have something in your pocket" is how he puts it.  When the call came, I thought I had nothing.  After a browse through my journals and notes, however, a plan has formed.  Those few minutes of panic, however, called me to account.

So, I'm going to work on translating whatever mental discipline allows me to read an inch-thick graphic novel in a day into my study time, my devotions, and my prayers.  I already have that kind of focus in one area, and I want it in another.  I'll be working on that.

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