Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keyed Up

Ack! Missed a post. I'll double up today. Storytime.

Yesterday, I found myself getting very nervous, quite stressed out.  There was something on my mind that would have made me anxious anyway, but in the process of trying to calm myself down, I realized something.

Thus far that day, I'd consumed a large cup of coffee and two sugary pastries.  I'd been listening to punk rock - highly aggressive, noisy, intense music - for around four hours straight.  And I was sitting in front of my computer the whole time, typing, with my shoulders bunched up from my elbows resting on the chair's arms, craning my neck at the papers on my desk, then staring at my glaring backlit monitor.

Whether or not my issue du jour was worth worrying about, my environment was of no help.

So I had lunch with a friend, outside in the sunshine.  Very helpful.  Funny enough, during the course of the conversation, I chuckled, gave her a reassuring little scratch on the back, and told her, "my dear, you gotta learn to relax."

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