Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Don't Remember Asking

I've observed that we Americans are connoisseurs of everything. I've actually had conversations with people about which restaurant's soda fountain has the best mix of syrup and water. On a couple occasions. With different people.

It's easy to see how a highly affluent consumer culture can lead to that kind of gourmet thinking. Amusing though it may be, there's another side that I feel is getting a little out of control. I see it in myself, and pretty much everyone else I know. We're all seasoned consumers. It takes some doing to impress some of us.

And we're all critics.

I just caught up on Heroes, which I thoroughly enjoy. There were a few moments during the latest episode, though, where I shook my head in scorn. "They're using that scene transition? Seriously? Oh, that line was horrible." And so on. I've discussed Sylar's character arc with a few people, and voiced my extreme displeasure with some of the choices the writers have made.

I feel as though I'm somehow qualified to criticize because I've consumed an awful lot of stories, including more than a few superhero stories. I've even written... uh... well, something. Anyway, I feel qualified.

However I may feel, though, I'm not the one who built the characters and their world, cranked out a script, pitched the idea well enough to actually sell it, signed a contract with Universal, and got my material broadcast into millions of homes.

I guess I just wanted to take a second to recognize that, while I might have my opinions and preferences, my writing isn't driving the careers of an entire cast of actors. I will admit, I'm hoping that might change someday.

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