Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Open Book

[tonight, an excerpt from this evening's journal entry.  a couple items have been redacted for privacy.

my journaling is sporadic, but it shouldn't be.  i get the very distinct impression that God is pleased when i take the time to write out my prayers to Him and chronicle my life for future reference.  came in handy tonight, which explains the first line.]

It's good you have me write this stuff down. Thank you.

I'm really tired, Lord. Just physically. If you want me to stay up and study more, spur me on. But my plan right now is to write a blog post, read through Acts some more… wait, why not that passage in 1 Cor that I've been quoting, but haven't gone back to? Geez. So there, and then probably some Acts. Then sleep.

Bless Nicole's job situation, Lord. Arrange it how you will. Mmm. I'm sorry for not praying for it earlier today. I pray that you bless her even now.

I'm really happy with my life right now, Lord. Thank you for that. You're so generous. I know I don't deserve any of this. And I'm not doing very well with what you've given me. But Lord, may I make you proud with what I do with the blessings you're giving me. The job at church, my friends, my time, everything. My every dream and my every resource.

[scatterbrained, vaguely ashamed, yet grateful and somewhat worshipful.  that's me.]

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