Thursday, April 21, 2005

(for the players of my BESM game: a little update. forgot the name of the city where the battle took place, and have thus officially renamed it.)

Dragons End Battle at Mesa

Mesa City, Midlands- One could only guess what the Southern troops were thinking as the burning projectile streaked down at the city. Perhaps they thought it was a Northern missile attack gone wrong, or a secret weapon their queen had failed to mention.

The Lithoventian soldiers had only a slightly better idea what was headed their way at roughly the speed of sound. Moments earlier, a communications satellite in low orbit miles above the battlefield had abruptly stopped working. The second object trailing the fallen satellite, the one bearing the rune of invincibility, was the true mystery.

Shortly before dawn on Tuesday morning, the satellite and the dragon struck Mesa City, carving a 300 meter wound in the center of the settlement. Immediately, the dragon arose unhurt and destroyed the city as both Northern and Southern troops fled. According to data from Central Order Defensive Technologies, the dragon flew into space, destroyed the satellite, and flung it down, following close behind.

“This is an eventuality we hadn’t even considered,” said Lt. Jerome McManus of the 24th Psionic Commando Division. Five soldiers from PCD 24 were killed when they attempted to defend the city from the attacking dragon, and were immolated by the dragon’s breath.

When asked how the military would proceed after the attack, Lt. McManus replied, “That all depends on Congress, and the dragons,” implying that an emergency resolution may be forthcoming.

The dragon, as yet unidentified, was also seen to have attacked a group of Southern mechanized troops who apparently fired upon it. While the reports of Southern casualties vary, approximately five magitek armored troops were destroyed by the dragon.

Several Lithoventian soldiers report seeing a second dragon approaching from the south, and sensing its mental presence. As that dragon neared Mesa City, the soldiers heard a psionic message, saying: “If this city be what thou sought, and fought to gain, consider it lost.” The military has yet to issue a statement on the meaning of that message.

The Joint Chiefs of the Armed Forces have convened in the Capital to discuss the incident and plan further strategy.

Mesa City has been abandoned by both Northern and Southern forces. Satellite imagery shows that the city has been utterly destroyed, and that no less than three dragons remain at the site.