Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dude, Who Shot Me?

Once again, the boys gathered at Pastor Holmes' place to play Call of Duty on the XBox. This is the second time just recently that I've had a laugh-out-loud good time with a group of guy friends pretending to shoot each other. The girls tend to leave the room.

The Call of Duty series, and other games like it, offers two things guys love: violence and competition. There's some odd appeal to launching a grenade far across a field to land at your friend's feet, who you didn't even see, but who would have done the same to you if he had the chance. I also appreciate that while the games have big, loud guns, the gore is quite minimal. The latest installment ramps it up quite a bit, but it's still fantasy violence, where only your pride gets hurt when you get shotgunned.

Really, it's not to be overthought. It's just dang fun.

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