Saturday, March 21, 2009


Fridays are my days of least discipline, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

I'd like to say I'm taking a Sabbath rest on Friday evenings, but like I said, it's not a normal, intentional thing I do.  It may be in the future, but now, it depends very much on what's on my calendar.

The Jews were commanded in strict terms to do no work on the seventh day, but instead to rest and reflect on God.  Saturday was the seventh day day of their week, so one could infer that the weekend is ordained by God.  Heh.

Michael discussed the Sabbath with the college group once, and made a very interesting point.  Our lives are increasingly busy, our calendars inordinately full.  The Sabbath rest is an opportunity to just let go for a few hours, and acknowledge that God really is in control.  To demonstrate that life doesn't fall apart when we take our hands off.

I think I should re-examine how I lay out my weekends.  I'd really like to not just take time to rest and have fun, but really display that principle of trust in my life.  Part of the issue is time management, part of it faith.  That's a blend that confounds me, sometimes.

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