Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Not So Hopeless

A little over five years ago, this is what I was thinking:

"I used to be a hopeless romantic. Turns out that part of that deal is being hopeless. "

I spent years stomping on my romantic side, and it's messed with my perspective.  What seemed to me like wisdom at the time was obviously just an expression of lonely bitterness.  I reacted, not to the perfectly normal desire to find a soulmate, but to the painful desperation I felt at the time to find someone.  For too long, they were the same thing to me.

It's taken me years of personal growth and prayer, but I'm finally able to separate the two.  To be honest, romantic affection apart from intense heartache is still kind of a new idea for me.  I'm still making a few mental adjustments.

But, thank God, I'm learning what it's supposed to be like.


Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~ said...

And what a learning experience it will be.

the Razorclown said...

Seriously. This is one of those where the learning process is actually more enjoyable than not.

Not like learning humility. Heh.