Friday, April 03, 2009

By Your Love

In Jordan, publicly preaching the Christian faith is illegal.  This we learned from two missionary friends who gave us a presentation in Bible study last night.  They've lived in the Middle East for two years, now, and have met with some success in their mission.

How?  By openly defying the Jordanian government and boldly preaching the Word on every streetcorner? I mean, really, isn't that what missionaries are supposed to do?


They make friends.  They get involved in the community.  They serve in the local Arab Christian church.  They love people, and take care of people.  And when the opportunity arises to speak openly about Jesus, when someone asks a question about faith or requests an Arabic copy of the Bible... they do.

They've discovered in a new way the power of Christian fellowship.  Of people just loving one another and serving God across cultures, races, and national boundaries.  I'm glad for their example.

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