Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today is a tangle of different responsiilities. It's my last day in Human Resources, and it's payday, and there are checks to hand out. One of many responsibilities that will no longer be mine in a scant few hours. Who will handle them is, in many cases, a large hovering question mark.

Tomorrow, I start in the Training Section, where I will occasionally make decisions and use my creativity. On the job. Weird. I'll also get to practice teaching and communicating with technology. It's a pretty amazing opportunity. I can almost hear God chuckling to Himself.

I'm also going to be taking on more responsibilities at church, which are no less exciting. Some teaching, some tech stuff, some other duties as required. Sorry. HR reference. I'm glad for all these chances to serve.

Which are going to lead to me being pretty busy. In addition to all the aforementioned stuff, I've got another ministry class coming up at the end of February. As I recently observed on Twitter, I'm getting to the point that I'm going to have to schedule all my time, both work and play.

Generally, I prefer when I don't have to abide by a strict schedule. I prefer to have free time as often as possible, and in the past, I've gotten depressed when I've had a lot to do at one time, even if it's all good stuff. More and more, though, that's changing. I'm learning how limited time is, and where my priorities are. I'm trying to convince my friends to schedule a weekly time to get together and play games, because if we don't, it probably won't happen.

I'm learning that in the end, leisure isn't a right. Free time is a misnomer. It always costs something. That's not a bad thing. It just means we need to examine our priorities, and evaluate those things we commit ourselves to.

Then, really commit.

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