Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I've made a couple posts over at Nightsawake 2.0. Be thou informed.

Also, I'm greatly enjoying Mark Buchanan's Your God is Too Safe, a well-put-together treatise on how wild, dangerous, and loving God really is. He is, you know. Thanks, Mum. Good Christmas gift.

And finally, Amanda has introduced me to a softer world, a very artful project indeed. Please, browse the archives and find your favorites.


christophergibson47374507 said...

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Anonymous said...

Just read your "Prelude in C# Minor, by Sergei Rachmaninov" at NightsAwake.
Stunning. Very good.
At first I thought he was the composer, with chords coming to him as original inspiration. Didn't switch viewpoints until "He stood as she played on".
I love being fooled like this!

And, a perfect sentence: "It was a song that could bring cloaks and capes back into style". just so!

And, delicious: "Her hand flickered into view, ... before descending back out of sight ...".

Thanks for such a treat.


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