Wednesday, October 12, 2005

[a brief sampling of quotes I've saved from friends and family:]

You can go places in crazy, even if you already are crazy. It’s a matter of partitioning.
   - Amanda

Some people are so smart that they just have accents.
   - Alex

Damn you and the alphabet!
   - Cody

Oh, Eh, FBI Can Kiss My Ass *Speaks Directly Into The Camera*
   - Matt, from an IM conversation

It’s so much helpful…er.
   - Jenna

Twinkies are the snack equivalent of roaches.
   - Cody

Do not butt me with your butt!
   - Kathi

Nick, make a reflex save as the tyrannosaurus breathes fire on you.
   - Dave

I think caramel corn is the answer to my problems.
   - Mum


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of cousre im up twice :)

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