Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Life update:

Plans had been formed to 1) find an extra job in Grass Valley, 2) save money, and 3) use said money to move to Sacramento and get my own place. Phase One had been completed - washing dishes at Rebecca's Mighty Muffins - and all was proceeding according to plan.

Last Sunday night, however, my car was stolen.

The plan has been, and is being, adjusted substantially. Details once the fragments settle into place. Suffice to say, the goal of being in Sacramento at the end of the year is looking well in hand.

Pray for me. Pretty stressed, not a little lonely, but hoping for the best.

Incidentally, I've invented a word.

Godwork: n. a seeming coincidence which is clearly an act of God, usu. resulting in an obvious, often long-awaited blessing.

Oddly enough, I didn't care terribly much when I discovered my car was missing. I knew God could use that for the best, and I'd manage. The stressful bit is having to decide on a timeline for moving to Sacramento, given a number of recently-emerged factors.

I get the feeling it's gonna require more work than I'd like. Which is to say, any work at all. I'm also getting the feeling that this is all part of God's plan to break me of my absurd laziness. Part of me is, understandably, dreading that process, but I'll be glad for it.

Much is coming.


Third said...

Dare i ask: what about insurance?

23r0 said...

you have strked me as alot of things but one of them you have not is lazy you have a lot more goto it then most and its nice to see you have gold now so as Henny Rollins has siad go forth and kick ASS

the Razorclown said...

Non-comprehensive insurance was cheaper. Figured, if it got in a wreck, may as well get something newer. Better to save my Dad some cash, since he's been generously paying my insurance. Heh. Alas.

Thanks, 23r0. I kinda like having goals. Makes focus kinda... possible. And ironically enough, I've been wanting to play Def Jam recently.

Omar Epps: Can't stop me son! I'mon dance around you all night long!

Drake: Oh, so no violence, then?

Anonymous said...

*leaves hugs*

stress = bad

*waves my magic wand* poof! no more stress *G*