Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pew, Pew, Pew

Read through 3 John this evening, then played some Modern Warfare 2 online. As the Scripture was settling in my mind, I saw that my brother-in-law was online. We joined up and promptly started shooting at each other.

He smoked me. Mercilessly.

I'd come tearing over a grassy hill and get dropped. Different hill each time. He was sitting across the level with a sniper rifle, no doubt yawning as he picked me off. Mind you, we were in a game with 16 other people, so I felt a little picked-on the fourth time he shot me in the head.

In the next round, we were on the same team. Didn't do too great that time, either. The opposing team had us pinned for most of the game, shutting us down with sniper fire on one side and a massed assault on the other.

Grr. Snipers.

Sometimes I get competitive. Sometimes I just get frustrated. When it feels like I'm getting trounced and my opponent is barely trying, I lean toward frustrated.

But as I was being riddled with bullets, I thought of 3 John. It mentions this guy, Diotrephes. He's causing trouble for the church, shutting good people out and causing all manner of division.

John says he "loves to be first."

I like winning, but I don't always have to. When I feel like I do, that's when a game - supposed to be fun, remember? - starts breeding anger. Pride left unchecked turns us against each other. Diotrephes reminded me of that.

Last round, I got 6 kills, and died 8 times.

Ah, well. Getcha next time, Dom.


Zoomguy said...

What system do you use? Nice blog by the way. Good to see some good Christian blogs.

Brian said...

I'm an Xbox 360 guy, myself. My gamertag is razorclown. Go figure.

Thank you for your comment!

Zoomguy said...

Too bad. I have a PS3. Would've been nice to hook up. My PSN is Zoomguy53.