Monday, June 15, 2009


If God weren't as patient as He is, I'd be so screwed.

I can't imagine dealing with someone like me from His standpoint. And yet time after time, He does. And He makes sure the stories get recorded and passed down to us, so we know.

Abram laughs at Him when He promises him he'll have a son in his old age. Moses thinks of every excuse why he's not the guy to lead Israel out of captivity, then begs Him to send someone else. Gideon asks not just for one sign, but a series of signs to prove that God is who He says He is. Elijah runs and hides when the going gets tough. Jonah refuses his task and jumps on a ship to Spain. The apostles desert Jesus when the authorities come armed.

And I stand there stuttering “I can't do it!” whenever He calls me to a ministry that doesn't come to me easily. Or one that does.

This is God we're talking about. God, who doesn't just abandon us to failure. God, who helps His servants.

Abram had a son when he was 80. Moses is arguably the most revered figure in Jewish history. Gideon is remembered as a mighty warrior and a savior of Israel. Elijah is known as perhaps the greatest prophet of the Old Testament. Jonah actually delivered the message that saved thousands of people, though he still rebelled against God in the end. The apostles died at the hands of those who tried in vain to stop them from proclaiming Jesus to the world.

And I have all their examples to look back on. Not to mention the miracles He's wrought in my own life.

I often feel inadequate to the tasks before me, and maybe I am. But God is not. And I can be sure that anything He has called me to do, He will empower me to do.

I know that in my mind. I just need my heart to agree.

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Anna said...

That is very true and a hard thing to do from time to time, alas thus its how we make decisions from day to day.