Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cheering section

A little personal insight: I have very low expectations of myself.

God doesn't.

Two obvious facts that still seem like a revelation when you set them right out in the open. Which means I'm supposed to do something about them. I have some basic ideas to learn about my own responsibilities, to whom I am actually responsible, and how important my life really is. Not just to me.

Funny thing is, I have pretty high expectations of other people. I'm more optimistic, more hopeful. I expect them to thrive. My Christian friends, especially. An uphill battle though it may be, I expect them to fight well, and stay on the narrow path. My outlook for myself is more bleak. I expect to be stuck in the same nonsense for years to come.

Most often, that's not what I'd say out loud, or even think consciously. It's just that, perhaps, I've come to accept certain failings within myself, and started to think of them as part of the landscape. I don't think of habitual sins as temporary. I fail to recognize that they can be overcome.

Just because humanity is imperfect doesn't mean we can't make progress. It's possible. In fact, living in close proximity to God, there's hardly a choice.

I am always His student. But what I often miss is the fact that I am first and foremost His student. I should always be learning. Growing in mastery. For our sensei, our sifu, always has another trick up His sleeve. As good as we can get, He is always better. And He expects us to keep up with Him.

Thus, we live by grace, and we study the master. We imitate, emulate. We let His heart work in ours. And we never stop studying, or improving.

High expectations. Higher every day.

All this is said assuming God's love. He's crazy about us. When we stumble, He loves us. When we want to quit, He loves us. And when we push forward and train until we bleed, He still loves us.

Something (not just) to think about.


Carolyn said...

This has nothing to do with your posting, just the general comment. I missed your call the last couple of times. I'm sorry I wasn't around to answer as I've been keeping fairly busy, but thank you for the thought awnyway.

JenniferRM said...

Hey..don't be so hard on yourself!

God has plans for you. Y

You just cannot be fearful of going to the next step that he wants to take you.

I have not read your entire blog but this particular entry. If there is something that you really want to do with you life, just continue to pursue it.

If you do not want to be in the same position that you are currently in, try to connect yourself with people and organizations that are doing the things that you are into. This will help you to get into a new arena of people who can give you new ideas and energy.

I can testify to this because I have been in a rut with my career for the past 6 years but now it is changing. I have prayed for the changed, worked on it and meditated on it. Though it took time and I had to stop being fearful, new opportunities have unveiled themselves to me.

Hang in there kiddo!

God loves you! =)

the Razorclown said...

Thanks, lady!

I am one of those people who needs to take initiative more. Funny thing is, God's been working on a friend of mine, trying to get him to slow down and wait to be invited to take the next step, whatever it may be.

In both cases, God is trying to get us to be more reliant, and more closely connected to him. I find it refreshing that people can come to that point from so many different angles.

Praise God for your new opportunities! And thanks for reading!