Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The last mission of Starcraft is preposterously hard. I feel like if I beat it, I'll become some sort of superbeing. Like I'll graduate to a new level of tactical mastery. The secrets of the Xel'naga will be opened to me. Every last one of the outlying colonies will be brought in line. I'll command the Zerg swarms with a thought, and the galaxy will fall before my onslaught.

It's seriously pretty hard. And I'm giving it a fair amount of my time. When I do beat it, I'll more likely sit back in my chair, watch the ending cinematic, and think... okay, now what? Next time I play against other humans on the network at Lenny's, Chase and Adrienne will still flatten me. Probably.

And even if not, I'll just be better at Starcraft.

I've gotta kinda re-insert myself into society. Sitting on top of eight acres in a small town next to the small town just outside of Grass Valley isn't quite my speed. I'm extremely grateful for the open couch at Lenny's house, which gives me a chance to see people on the weekend.

It's hard to be a servant when it's just me and dad. Dad's house has always been sort of an alternate dimension to me. A different, lazier place. Have to remind myself to get up after dinner and do the dishes, since dad never asks. Come to think of it, I have to remind myself to be a servant when I'm around my friends, too. It's far to easy to slip into self-centeredness.

I'm once again in a place where I must figure out what my life is and isn't about. Careers, relationships, what have you. As yet, it's all pretty ambiguous. Expecting some sort of resolution soon.


Third said...

Yes, the last level of Starcraft is awful. The last level of Brood War, even more so, in fact. i took one look at the last level of brood war, and i said to myself, "The Enemy's Gate is Down." It's horrible. Best of luck with it.

the Razorclown said...

Heh. As we've discussed in person, it's the last map of Brood War to which I'm referring. I have about 10 different saves with various levels of progress. In one, I've wiped out the Protoss and been kicked out of my starting base. In another, I've wiped out the red Terrans and am running the map out of resources trying to take care of the last two forces.

*throbby head vein*

How many Guardians will be enough? How much vespene gas do you greedy buggers require? Just hand over the galaxy already!

Third said...

No blood for vespene!!

Third said...

Although actually, looking back, yeah; the cutscene's really boss.

Pietas, Fidelis, Gloria, man.