Friday, December 10, 2004

This is Brian, coming to you live from soggy Penn Valley, California. For those of you who missed the news, I've moved up here with my Dad. Cheaper, and I get to spend more time with Dad. Bonus. I'll be down in Sacramento on weekends, to see people and go to church.

Church. Oh, man. So good. Anyone who wants to come along, let me know, and we'll set it up. I attend the 10:30 service at Arcade Wesleyan at the corner of Watt and Whitney. Fantastic church. Pastor Steve is currently in the middle of an amazing sermon series on the book of Revelation. Come to church with me. You'll love it.

In coming days, I may start serializing a story here on my blog. That would be cool. Further details as I think them up.


Third said...

i strongly approve of the serial story idea.
Strongly as only someone good at lifting things can.

jen said...

i strongly approve of the church idea.