Friday, September 17, 2004

"Home is where the heart is."

That is to say: home is the answer to the question, "where would you rather be right now?"

I've heard it said that home is where they can't turn you away.

Home is beyond location, I think. There's something to be said for familiarity, and a place full of memories. However, more than anything, home is where you belong without question.

"It feels like heaven's so far away."
-the Offspring

A while ago, Lenny loaned me a book by Eileen Root called Hawaiian Names...English Names. Helpful, since I decided that the elves in the roleplaying universe I created speak a language reminiscent of Hawaiian. The book has a section with the origins of various names.

The name Brian is from Gaelic, and means "strong and mighty leader." The name Nathaniel is from the Hebrew for "a gift, or gift from God."

Maybe on my good days. My really good days.


Third said...

i wouldn't be so critical of yourself. As i've remarked to Lenny in the past, all the people in Group excell easily at everything they try, but the one thing we do better than anything else is sell ourselves short. i've noticed quite frequently (long before our latest escapade, which is a recent example,) that when you do things for others, you tend to do them in a manner i can only describe as "gallantly." For this reason, "gallant" is always an adjective that comes to mind when i think "Brian, with an i/eye."


the Razorclown said...


When I wrote the last part of the post, it was because I randomly picked up the book, and what I read kinda struck me. I tried to phrase it so it wouldn't sound like I was fishing for compliments, but... on some level, I think I was.

the Razorclown said...

Heh. How's that for not being critical of oneself? My standard, though, is perfection. So, I'll never fool myself into thinking that I have no room to improve.

minmaxticus said...

Wow, Liam. I think you summed that up perfectly.