Friday, January 09, 2004

While enjoying a beverage with mom at Starbucks this evening, I composed a few haiku. Of course, being a stupid American, I followed only the syllable structure of the form - 5/7/5 - and not the poetic structure. That said, they were all written within a minute apiece. Thus, I give you:

Six Non-sequential Minutes of Something
(an impromptu haiku series)

    caffeine drink buzzing
    full of light, nervous power
    sixteen ounces awake

    ballistic stomach
    protesting tasty sausage
    slow to recover

    closing coffee shop
    students in aprons, glaring
    at those who linger

    blessed ginger beer
    ancient brewers’ elixir
    Jamaican goodness

    advice from the geeks
    do not buy a PS2
    to play DVDs

    dub revolution
    we hope you like jammin’ too
    turntable reggae

Voila. Fun aplenty. Oh, and check out my previous post (updated just now) for a Jhonen Vasquez trivia contest! Whee.

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